• JS-130S (RD)

    The fully rugged, JetStream 130S convertible tablet is a sturdy on-the-go solution for high-danger, outdoor environments.

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  • JS-130C (RD)

    This medium weight, rugged convertible tablet, 13.3" JetStream 130C is spill, drop, and shock resistant. A great notebook that's tough enough for any task you through at it, and then some.

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  • JS-152S (RD)

    The semi-rugged JetStream 152S laptop is the largest of the four rugged-notebooks with a 15.6" water-resistant screen and weighing in at little over 6.6lbs.

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  • JS-152PX (RD)

    The semi-rugged JetStream 152PX laptop is also a 15.6" solution. It has a water-resistant screen and the nVidia OPTIMUS G310M video processor.

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  • JS-100T (TB)

    The JetStream 100T 10.1" LED Slate Tablet PC is perfect for multi-touch, mobile computing applications.

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